Mt. Shasta

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August night Beverly and Sandra Big Orbs Mt. Shasta
Orbs and Moon Orbs.1 Orbs Panther Meadows.1
Panther Meadows.2 Panther Meadows.3 Panther Meadows.4 Panther Meadows
Shasta Pine      

Last updated: 11/12/2007 9:30 PM

Mt. Shasta Northern California Sister to Japan's Mt. Fuji, Mt. Shasta draws thousands of people to her every year. To most who visit, Mt. Shasta is a pilgrimage to sacred grounds where one's life is often transformed. At the foot of the mountain is Mt. Shasta City, where you can find Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth, The Crystal Room at 109 W. Castle St. The Crystal Room is a shopping experience you will never forget. Stop in and meet the owner, Beverly Wilson. Tell her Sandra Nelson said hello. The pictures with the red date stamp were taken by my niece, Christine Scott.
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